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  These are a few of the sites that are hosted with us.
Branson Pool and Spa
Richa Creations
Dennis Chen Attorney at Law

Web Hosting Plans:
Host your site with us and take advantage of our state-of-the-art servers, tier-1 network, and our team of Internet experts. We give you the power and reliability you need to focus on building a successful web site. All accounts come with plenty of free features.

Our web hosting plans offer you:

  • Availability - Get your web site online fast.
  • Convenience - Our browser-based Control Panel makes setting up and managing your site easy.
  • Speed - Your pages come up quickly for your visitors.
  • Reliability - 99.9% uptime.
  • Security - Your files and client information are secure with us.
  • Scalability - You can easily upgrade your account as you grow.
  • Information - Web traffic and statistics reporting - you get critical statistics about your visitors and the success of your site through a powerful, graphical stats tool.

STANDARD ---$10.50 Monthly or $105.00 Yearly
Our Standard account has more space and bandwidth than 80% of our customers will need in a lifetime. It offers 7500MB of traffic which represents approximately 250,000 normal page views per month. The account comes with plenty of extras: Free SSL, Telnet/SSH, FrontPage 2002 extensions, Control Panel, Traffic Statistics, "Anywhere" Webmail, and MySQL.
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DELUXE ---$15.00 Monthly or $150.00 Yearly
Step up to our Professional account and double your storage to 400 MB. The Professional plan also comes with additional features, including 10000MB traffic, 10 Mailing Lists, PGPMail, and our Silver Alacart Shopping cart, which enables you to sell your products or services online with less hassle.
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PREMIUM ---$25.00 Monthly or $250.00 Yearly
The Developer is more of a good thing - 600MB of storage and 12500MB traffic. The Developer also includes the Gold version of Alacart shopping cart software, which supports realtime credit card authorizing for instant verification and transfer of funds online.
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